Car Rental

Morio Motel Campsite offers Airport pick up from JKIA to Mikumi and also has safari customized vehicles. This makes Morio motel your ideal safari stop. You land in Dar es salaam, get picked up at the air port, enjoy a 5h 38 minutes (308km) ride to Mikumi for $300, getting some eye catching scenes of Tanzania’s coastal culture on your way. From dressing, housing, and most of all charming peaceful people of Tanzania. You cool off for a night at Morio Motel Campsite with options of tents or rooms for accommodation, which comes to free access to the swimming pool, free wifi. You can also enjoy local meals or a drink at our bar & restaurant.

Game drives are designed to take you close to the wildlife rich spots in the Mikumi National Park. This gives you an opportunity to view wild animals in their natural habitat as they go about their daily activities.
Game drives are done during the day. Night game drives are however not allowed .

             Half Day – USD 150 (6 Hours.)

             Full Day _ USD 200 (12 Hours.) Next you hire our car for an adventure in the jungle. We can take you to any preferred park in Tanzania for rates get in touch