Udzungwa Mountain National Park is well known for the excellent hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and forest walks and its only 1.5 hours’ drive from Morio Motel

Both Mikumi and Udzungwa national parks are situated in the same Morogoro region moreover the parks separate them for just 37km only. This trip will enable a traveler to see both savannah wild game animals as well as mountain endemic primates as kipunji and sanje mangabey, also giant trees in this Park not only that but also camping on top of the longest waterfalls in Tanzania(Sanje waterfalls) its such a remarkable experience.

What’s included?

Uluguru Mountain is the chain Eastern mountain arc of Tanzania where at the edge of the Mountain is covered by couple of villages and farms that dwellers are generally depend as major means of production, Nevertheless is home of abundance living organism that some of them are endemic to the mountain such as Uluguru bush shrike & Uluguru violet backed sunbird, those you can only found here around the world.

Basically is a nice place to be where you can experience by seeing this thing as follows:-

  • *Ruvuma village-this is the small village of luguru tribe and they grows organic vegetables such as leeks, carrots, beetroots, mint, coriander, strawberries, etc
  • *Morning side camp-this is 1500feet above the sea level, a sun rise up from this side of the camp hence the name. Also the old Germany farm house was built where one of the Dutch well-to-do used to live here during Germany East Africa establishment.
  • *Bondwa peak 2338feet-is the highest peak of the all mount Ulugurus, There is beautiful scenery of Moro suburb from here.